Everything Changes

Angel Card ReadingBoy howdy, that’s the truth. For the past 14 years the most constant friend in my world has been Michael, providing familiar company, love & many laughs. For the past 3 years Michael has also been my boss, providing a pay check, a feeling of security & many laughs. Michael is moving to Florida. By October 1st there will be no Michael, no friend, no job. This is a great opportunity to walk my talk, test my faith, trust in the infinite.

This morning as I shuffled my Angel cards for a reading saying “What do I need to know today,” 4 cards jumped out at once. Blessing in Disguise, Let Your Past Go, Time to Go, and Change in Direction. A perfect reminder that all is well.

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Co-creating Life


For a while I’ve been focusing on what I wanted in my life; this included a partner, daily experiences, career, money etc. I have a list of qualities I’d like my  soul mate to possess and I read the list regularly from a place of gratitude. “I’m so happy & grateful now that I am with my perfect partner. He is loving, kind, funny … etc.” Really feeling it and knowing it’s already so.

I’ve also been saying for months that I wanted to start running but I didn’t want to run alone. So, the Universe, always bending to my wishes as it does, sent me a man who appears to have all the qualities called forth on my wish list, plus he loves to run. So, not only am I loving, and being loved by, this beautiful guy, but I’m getting strong & running just as I wished.

I feel excited by this manifestation and can’t wait to see what else shows up as my experience.

*posted from my magic phone*

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“Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events, that are apparently causally unrelated or unlikely to occur together by chance, that are observed to occur together in a meaningful manner” Wikipedia.

I’ve been noticing it a lot lately, small demonstrations of being “in tune” with life. The less I try to make something happen, the more effortlessly these demonstrations appear to me.

Last Sunday I was scheduled to sing two songs during a worship service. I woke up with a raspy chest and hoarse voice. I decided not to sing Use Me as it has plenty of high notes and instead plumped for offering We Are One as my first song. I arrived at the service and Victoria, the practitioner, proceeded with the reading of the day entitled: We Are One. Goosebumps! I sang my first song. Then Rev Frank starts his talk with a declaration “Only Love.” which is the name of the second song I was going to sing. What are the odds!

Today I mused that the back window of my car was very dirty and hard to see through. I saw a Reiki client and then went grocery shopping. I was approached in the parking lot by a homeless man with a squeegee who, despite the rain, wished to clean my windows. Usually I would say no and shoo him away, but I recognized the flow, had money in my pocket from the client, so my windows got cleaned while he and I shared a moment of fellowship. He reminded me to “always say my prayers” and I’m ever so grateful for that reminder too.

Nothing has meaning except that which we give it. I find my life to be extremely meaningful, a constant stream of helping hands, expressions of joy and reminders that there is only one Life and we are all living it. Delicious. Carry on.

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Family Moment

I’m in England for the Holidays. My dad has a real bad ear infection and everything’s been closed for Christmas, so I was in the kitchen brewing up a pan of my “stay healthy” juice and a batch of garlic oil to drop into his ear when this happened:

Mum: “You’re like a witch.”
Me: “I am a witch.”
Mum gives me a hard stare and exits the kitchen.

😀 Hooray for families!

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Not For Wimps

I got a text this morning from a friend, “I have to give you credit.” he says “This remaining positive thing is tough.”

“Yes,” I replied, “conscious growth is not for wimps”

Growth takes gumption. For me it takes a willingness to be uncomfortable, to watch my old life crumble and remember that the ground has to shake and crack so that the seeds I’ve planted can emerge and bloom. To be able to let people/jobs/habits disappear from my life, to be alone & compassionate with myself while my mind is kicking and screaming. I’ve relied on my daily practice knowing it was serving me even when I wasn’t noticing any evidence of that. It’s been a realization that I am not this body or these circumstances.

What started out as an impulsive, freak out, “I quit” moment has turned into a deep, soulful, remembering of who I am, and a trusting that I am always taken care of no matter what. And the best part is the more I believe that, the more evidence of it appears in my world and so the deepening continues.

The Spiritual Warrior has to be committed, focused and flexible. There are many paths to enlightenment, just find the one most charming and start walking. The path may change along the way but as long as you’re committed to the journey you will always have what you need: teachers show up as needed, answers/resources appear from seemingly no-where and, after a while, you start to realize the effects of your practice and recognize that the Intelligence is everywhere … even in you. I promise. How wonderful.

Happy trekking gentle Warriors.

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Stay Healthy Juice

Brewing up a batch of Stay Healthy juice.

3 lemons sliced, 2 cloves garlic crushed, 1 inch ginger root grated, dash of cayenne, cinnamon, turmeric. Add all to pan of water, bring to boil, cover, simmer. Go meditate for 20 minutes. Come back. Strain mixture into bowl, serve in cup with lots of honey.

Naturally anti-inflammatory/viral/biotic/septic/fungal/microbial/bacterial, will boost your immune system, relieve pain, settle your tummy, improve your digestion, and make you more attractive to the opposite and/or same sex depending on preference (maybe), thanks Mother Nature. You rock.

Tips: Be careful with the Turmeric unless you like your kitchen yellow. After straining put solid waste down the garbage disposal for a delightful lemon fresh sink.

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Now. This is it.


“I’m a terrible blogger”

Been waking up with that in mind for a while now. Truth is this past month I’ve been so up and down that I’ve had nothing uplifting to share. There’s plenty of gloom available elsewhere without me adding to it.

I’m OK, magnificent actually and getting clearer about that every day 🙂 Life has been providing much needed contrast to help me make clear choices about my desires and I’m grateful for that. I’m paying attention to I.V. and following those inner prompts.

My work now is distract the mind and feel good. This has resulted in lots of cozy movie nights, funny TV shows & songwriting. A peace is humming through my days where before there was a low-grade anxiety. Can I simply be grateful & appreciate the now without being concerned about the future? Why yes, yes I can, yes I am. That said, today is a new day, time to get up, get out & shine my light. Grateful for now.

*posted from my magic phone*

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