Not For Wimps

I got a text this morning from a friend, “I have to give you credit.” he says “This remaining positive thing is tough.”

“Yes,” I replied, “conscious growth is not for wimps”

Growth takes gumption. For me it takes a willingness to be uncomfortable, to watch my old life crumble and remember that the ground has to shake and crack so that the seeds I’ve planted can emerge and bloom. To be able to let people/jobs/habits disappear from my life, to be alone & compassionate with myself while my mind is kicking and screaming. I’ve relied on my daily practice knowing it was serving me even when I wasn’t noticing any evidence of that. It’s been a realization that I am not this body or these circumstances.

What started out as an impulsive, freak out, “I quit” moment has turned into a deep, soulful, remembering of who I am, and a trusting that I am always taken care of no matter what. And the best part is the more I believe that, the more evidence of it appears in my world and so the deepening continues.

The Spiritual Warrior has to be committed, focused and flexible. There are many paths to enlightenment, just find the one most charming and start walking. The path may change along the way but as long as you’re committed to the journey you will always have what you need: teachers show up as needed, answers/resources appear from seemingly no-where and, after a while, you start to realize the effects of your practice and recognize that the Intelligence is everywhere … even in you. I promise. How wonderful.

Happy trekking gentle Warriors.


About Alison

Singer. Writer. Healer. A perfect expression of beauty, love and compassion. I like turtles.
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