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Now. This is it.

“I’m a terrible blogger” Been waking up with that in mind for a while now. Truth is this past month I’ve been so up and down that I’ve had nothing uplifting to share. There’s plenty of gloom available elsewhere without me … Continue reading

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Clearing Out

I’m not a person that takes a lot of pills. I have my daily vitamins, and once a month I have an Advil day, but aside from that I don’t find it necessary. Last week I pulled everything     … Continue reading

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It’s all just fruit

Along the way back to mySelf I’ve adopted many spiritual practices: Vedic Meditation, prayer, visualization, affirmation, Reiki, Qi Gong. I flip cards, light incense, om, talk to my plants, pay attention to my dreams. All wonderful, all life-affirming. Lately though … Continue reading

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Dream Guidance

I remember my dreams every night. That’s my intention. Before I go to sleep I open my dream journal to a blank page and invite Spirit into my dreams, I intend to remember them when I wake up and write … Continue reading

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Boldly Making Fearless Choices

I find that I avoid things that are good for me.  My Wii workout for example only takes 20 minutes and leaves me loose and limber and it only takes a moment to talk myself out of doing it. Qi … Continue reading

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