Now. This is it.


“I’m a terrible blogger”

Been waking up with that in mind for a while now. Truth is this past month I’ve been so up and down that I’ve had nothing uplifting to share. There’s plenty of gloom available elsewhere without me adding to it.

I’m OK, magnificent actually and getting clearer about that every day 🙂 Life has been providing much needed contrast to help me make clear choices about my desires and I’m grateful for that. I’m paying attention to I.V. and following those inner prompts.

My work now is distract the mind and feel good. This has resulted in lots of cozy movie nights, funny TV shows & songwriting. A peace is humming through my days where before there was a low-grade anxiety. Can I simply be grateful & appreciate the now without being concerned about the future? Why yes, yes I can, yes I am. That said, today is a new day, time to get up, get out & shine my light. Grateful for now.

*posted from my magic phone*


About Alison

Singer. Writer. Healer. A perfect expression of beauty, love and compassion. I like turtles.
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